Five Special Yogas Pancha Mahapurush yogas

Five Special Yogas Pancha Mahapurush yogas

If one or more of the above five yogas are present in a nativity then what will be the physical appearance or fortunes of a person , has been given below : if a person is born in ruchak yoga , then he will have a large face, and he will earn wealth on account of his courage.He will be strong and brave . He will annihilate his enemies and is proud . He will be a general in the army and will maintain his dignity. (It is likely that the person will occupy a high position of power in the political sphere).

He will be famous on account of his capabilities. He will have fame and will be well known. He will achieve success in whatever work he undertakes.

If a person is born in Bhadra Yoga, then he has a piercing intelligence, pure, would like to dress well, will maintain a neat and clean appearance. Learned people will praise him. He is very good and clever in speech. This type of person will be very fortunate and will possess all types of luxuries. He will be a king, or equal to a king. One who is born in Hamsa Yoga, has the signs of conch-shells,lotus, fish, and trident in his hands and feet, he is very charming,good looking, and peaceful in appearance. He likes to eat good and good people praise him.

If a person is born in Malavya Yoga, then he has patience and is strong in built. He has well-developed parts of his body He loves rich food. He is learned, has happy appearance. He is not easily disturbed. He is blessed with women and sons. He will rise in life towards good fortunes and success. His fame is spread throughout the world. He will own or will enjoy luxurious cars and residence. 

If someone is bon in Sasa Yoga then he is very influential. He is the head of a village, or head of a Sect. He is strong and many good people work under him. "Good" here stands for capable. People

born in Sasa yoga, are praised by others. However his character is not good. He is interested in other women, but he is wealthy and