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Horoscope Consultation

Horoscope Consultation in Delhi

The Birth Chart

At "Shri Maha Laxmi Jyotish & Ratan kendra", the Horoscope Consultation includes the birth chart which is a unique map of the positions of the stars and planets at the exact time and place of the customer’s birth.

For some astrologers, it is a ‘map of the psyche’ which means the stories that emerge during our life and displays the characters that already have been cast. Because of our way of consulting our clients, we are now the leading Horoscope Consultant in Delhi, India.

Encouraging the unique potential of the customer

A good astrologer interprets and identifies the themes, provides the insights and encourages his customers to develop the unique potential and gives life a beautiful expression. We are the noteworthy astrologer in India and having our head office in New Delhi. From here, we give Online Horoscope Consultation to our customers which they can follow to live a prosperous life.

The Consultation and how it goes?

Before any consultation takes place, Astrologer Shashi takes only three pieces of information such as time, date and the place of birth and draws the client’s horoscope and analyze it for the client’s good. Skype consultations can be arranged if you are unable to travel so long and cannot meet us. After working as the unparalleled astrologer in India, we have gained our clients who are pretty much satisfied with our work.

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